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I’m OK, You’re OK… Or Not

When it comes to the people around me, who really try to accommodate my chemical sensitivity condition, I realize I sabotage their good intentions sometimes by trying to accommodate their accommodating gestures. Wait, don’t get confused yet, there’s more. Maybe you you should lie down on the couch. Am I running through Dr. Thomas Harris’ […]

My Hate-Hate Relationship with Home Depot

So I’m sitting in the parking lot of Home Depot. You’ve been there. Tell the truth, you’ve done exactly the same thing. No, I’m not one of the day-laborers you see in the lot in the mornings, hoping for work. Can you image a day-laborer who’s physically intolerant to chemicals and construction materials? I’d be […]

Edisto Beach Rentals

Whether you are chemically sensitive, to whatever degree, or you just love the fresh ocean air, you know how cathartic the ocean breeze can be. And how invigorating it is to be outside, away from the deluge of artificial substances. On a recent vacation to Edisto Beach, South Carolina I discovered that those wonderfully refreshing […]

Summer Solstice Sun

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone! If your locale is going through a heat wave anything like the south east United States, you know it’s pretty darn hot! Here in Miami we’ve been fortunate enough to have the ocean breeze to keep the heat at bay… or the bay breeze to keep the heat at bay. That […]

Fragrance-Free Hotels

“You have to breath,” said Marc Levy, vice president of sales of the company, Air Esscentials, who provides scent creations (not natural), fragrance machines and air-conditioning scenting systems. To that Captain Obvious I answer, “Narf!” And you’re not helping us breath. This quote came at the end of one of the most annoying articles I’ve […]

Born This Way – Not

Was I born this way? You bet! But not when it comes to MCS. I’m rather nostalgic today, as I’ve been looking at pre-mcs photos. I’ve shut myself off so much, physically and emotionally – so that I don’t think about how profoundly my life has changed. The old (over nine years old!) photos show […]

Shower Shop Repeat

I’m going out to the store today… reluctantly. I try to get all my errands done in one day because I usually feel pretty bad and exhausted by the time I get home. The process is started with a shower.

Memorial Day Heroes

MCS Awareness honors our brave military personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country with their lives. Though I said they “…made the sacrifice” that has always sounded inappropriate. It sounds like their deaths occurred because they decided to step forward from the lines of battle, or step out from a building in […]

Perfume Hangover

I woke up at around 3 A.M. with sinus pressure and knew it was not going to get better. I propped my head up with a second pillow and regretted the perfume party the day before. You’d think I would get up and take something for it and go back to sleep, but the last […]

MCS is Like Being a Lighthouse Keeper in a Hitchcock Film

I had always wanted to be a lighthouse keeper. It was a very romantic and mysterious notion, and I don’t mind being alone. I would be able to hear the mesmerizing sounds of the ocean, feel the sea breeze and, hey, there’s very little traffic on my way to work! I thought it would be […]