Shower Shop Repeat

I’m going out to the store today… reluctantly. I try to get all my errands done in one day because I usually feel pretty bad and exhausted by the time I get home. The process is started with a shower.


Shop: Whole Foods is my first stop, which is usually an enjoyable experience. Natural food stores tend to have a more chemical-free environment, and the employees seems to refrain from wearing fragrances.

No, that's not me!

No, that’s not me!

After that, I go to the regular grocery store and that is almost always a problem. Usually, it is the people near me that give off heavy scents of perfume, but also lotion, deodorant, etc. And the store is cleaned with traditional harsh chemicals. If there is a “…spill on aisle whatever” and that dreaded, caustic mop comes flying down the aisle (sans witch), I must stay far away. Then there’s the areas that contain the cleaners, sponges, CANDLES!, pesticides. I approach, studying my list apprehensively, hoping I don’t need any frigin’ sponges today, because holding my breath and hurrying down the aisle doesn’t work – I’ve tried it. I came out at the other end blue in the face, scratching my madly itching eyes and my clothes smelled like some stink-demon took possession of them.

Repeat: Home now and I had to strip (sorry, no pictures of a stripper inserted!) off my clothes and throw them in the laundry basket because they have perfume/chemical smells on them and have to be washed. Then I drag myself into the shower again to wash off the offending odors and contaminants.

repeatwashSo, you’re asking, “why don’t you just wait till you get home and shower once?” Because that’s the kind of girl I am! Besides, today I started out feeling great and had exercised. I don’t want to be offensive to other people with my odor… or do I?