Fragrance-Free Hotels

“You have to breath,” said Marc Levy, vice president of sales of the company, Air Esscentials, who provides scent creations (not natural), fragrance machines and air-conditioning scenting systems.

To that Captain Obvious I answer, “Narf!” And you’re not helping us breath. This quote came at the end of one of the most annoying articles I’ve read lately, “For hotels in S. Fla., the scents make sense.” I know, you can feel the ants crawling under skin already, right? Hotels in Miami, Miami Beach and elsewhere have been branding their chains not just with exotic decorations, stunning views, but now with laboratory concocted scents that are spewed into the air on a timer, or burned into your nostrils from strategically placed incense.

All in the hopes that after you’ve gone home and the next time you get a whiff of say, Pure Sunshine or  Hawaiian Tropical (do they mean the punch drink?) that you’ll get an uncontrollable urge (as if you had been hypnotized to flap your wings like a chicken when you hear the term plum blossom) to jump on a plane and hand over $499.00 per night to stay with them again – in this economy. Hey, don’t smirk at that! The ultra luxury Mandarin Oriental Hotel has really taken a hit since people realized their investor’s name started with Bernie and ended with Madoff.

I have noticed an abundance of chemically-odoriferous people here in Miami, and all the stores are heavily perfumed. The heavy hand with the bottle may be attributed to the heat and humidity here, because those who do not partake, smell quite ripe. So, I kind of get that hotels don’t want tourist to be run off from the foul odors of the natives, but their answer does NOT make sense!

BOceanHotelThe B Ocean Ft. Lauderdale hotel says, “We live in an environment where we have an ocean breeze; how do we capture that ocean breeze (scent)” Well, maybe if we all put our heads together, Shaggy, we can figure out this Scooby – Doo mystery for you.  “Ocean” is in the name of the hotel and you’re in Ft. Lauderdale, so you must be near some ocean, right? Oh, you’re just across A1A and you can see the ocean from your front porch? Ah, I know, open the front door and get some free ocean breeze!

Another hotel really take the cake, or should I say cow dung. Their signature scent is called “Wild Cow,” but it’s not what it sounds like. It is lemongrass, ginger and rosemary. That actually sounds very nice, if it is natural and not manufactured to smell like lemongrass, ginger and rosemary. Hey, during Christmas I boil apples, cinnamon and cloves and the house smells wonderful, naturally!

I remember taking road trip vacations and stopping at a Holiday Inn or the equivalent. But since getting chemical sensitivity I have not made a road trip like I used to. Finding a green hotel is not always the same as chemical-free since ozone-blasting a room for allergens and cleaning with the highly scented Tea Tree Oil does bupkis for us, right?

So I did a search for chemical-free lodging and came up with Green Vacation Hub that has a general listing from which you would have to research further to determine if an establishment is actually chemical-free or allergy-free.

The best way to find safe lodging is by personal recommendation, so I wonder if any of you have had a positive experience and can share it with everyone here, as well as on the forum: MCS Awareness Forum. And share this with your MCS friends so we can compile a world-wide reference for people who just want to take a day off from being in the house!