Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is becoming more prevalent and more understood as people become more aware of the toxic chemicals that we interact with every single day.

Stripper Cough

Have you ever had a stripper cough? I don’t mean to say you’ve worked as a stripper or that you frequent strip clubs. Hey, I’m not judgin’! I have a stripper cough. I think. No, I didn’t get a second job down at the “Gentleman’s Club” but I did get the flu. Quite a different […]

Working from Home with MCS

What do you do when you can’t work in a “traditional” work environment? If you’ve made your home a safe environment – and if you haven’t you better work on it – you work from home. Simple right? Not so simple.

Questions and Answers from Peggy Munson

I came across a website, an inner page of a site, that is about MCS. The first thing I noticed about the page was the font, it was courier, which many of you may know, is typewriter font. It made me wonder, “How old is this information?” and that is a superficial reaction to first appearances. It doesn’t […]

Who Killed the Canary?

Who Killed the Canary?

Several years ago I was searching the internet for information about Chemical Sensitivity. I didn’t obsessively search for others like me, or for cures or tips, because for years I had found virtually nothing helpful.  But on this day I found a whole website with a forum, articles and very kind people who welcomed me […]

The Return of MCS Awareness

I didn’t give up on MCS or the MCS Awareness blog. There was quite a hiatus in the postings and it’s one of those things when you haven’t called your friend in a while and you want to, but it’s been a while, then it’s  been a long while and now you are just too […]

Chemical Sensitivity is Like Being a Vampire

Have you ever considered that being chemically sensitive (MCS) is kind of like being a vampire? Okay, not the part where you are young and gorgeous (though you might be!) or that you will live forever, quite the contrary there. But the other side of being a vampire – if there were vampires, I’m not […]

My Caustic Neighbors – exhibit B

In my neighborhood most people have a lawn service cut their grass… except for that creepy guy who never makes eye contact. The neighbors catty-cornered from me also have a lawn service, not once every two weeks like most people, not once a week like some people, but twice a week every week. Doesn’t matter […]

My Caustic Neighbors

Can we talk about my neighbors? It’s okay, everyone talks about their neighbors. Even the Cleavers did! Where, oh, where shall I start? I’m on a corner, so I’ll start with my neighbors on the next corner, who today are cleaning their roof. Let me explain… I live in Coral Gables, Florida, where most roofs […]

Just Like Seasonal Allergies

This person I know, who shall remain nameless, said something rather shocking to me the other day. So shocking that I think my jaw hung open in a most unflattering way. Before I get to what this person said, let me say that this is not a friend, but an acquaintance. A person with whom […]

I’m OK, You’re OK… Or Not

When it comes to the people around me, who really try to accommodate my chemical sensitivity condition, I realize I sabotage their good intentions sometimes by trying to accommodate their accommodating gestures. Wait, don’t get confused yet, there’s more. Maybe you you should lie down on the couch. Am I running through Dr. Thomas Harris’ […]