The Return of MCS Awareness

I didn’t give up on MCS or the MCS Awareness blog. There was quite a hiatus in the postings and it’s one of those things when you haven’t called your friend in a while and you want to, but it’s been a while, then it’s  been a long while and now you are just too damn embarrassed.

I wasn’t embarrassed, but I had been busy, thankfully, and I wanted to move my posting off of the domain onto my own personal site, Then I stopped to ponder (for a long time!), should I still call it MCS Awareness? I let the domain name go eventually since I knew I would move my posts over. Recently I noticed that the mcs-awareness domain was still active on the Blogger platform on the site I created, even though someone else had bought up the domain when I let it go. That’s odd that the guy registered it with Godaddy and the DNS pointer still pointed to my space on Blogger. It was still alive!

So the posts are moved to their permanent home here and a lot has changed since I first started writing about my experiences having chemical sensitivity. There is more “awareness” about it, and unfortunately, that’s not because of discoveries of any cure, but due to the fact that more people are realizing there is an actual condition for the suffering they endure. This in itself is encouraging to those who finally realize they’re not alone, take my word for it! Another reason for more MCS awareness is because, as this world becomes more and more polluted by toxins and chemicals, the number of people affected by and afflicted with MCS, and more deadly diseases, is growing exponentially.

So as I’ve often debated the small conundrums (in my head) like where to move my blog and should I still call it MCS Awareness – since I can call it anything after moving it from that old URL – I think the name doesn’t matter, but the substance does. Substantively, anything I write about or you the reader comment about that has to do with MCS raises the awareness and validity.

We shall just keep on keeping’ on… like a bird that flew…


Chemical Sensitivity is Like Being a Vampire

Have you ever considered that being chemically sensitive (MCS) is kind of like being a vampire? Okay, not the part where you are young and gorgeous (though you might be!) or that you will live forever, quite the contrary there. But the other side of being a vampire – if there were vampires, I’m not confirming or denying – the down-side. Being shunned, misunderstood, having to be very careful to what you’re exposed. Read more