My Caustic Neighbors

NeighborACan we talk about my neighbors?

It’s okay, everyone talks about their neighbors. Even the Cleavers did! Where, oh, where shall I start?

I’m on a corner, so I’ll start with my neighbors on the next corner, who today are cleaning their roof. Let me explain… I live in Coral Gables, Florida, where most roofs are covered by barrel tiles or similarly easily sullied surface. The heat and humidity here causes everyone’s house roof to become really dirty and moldy every year.

So there’s my neighbors (or whoever they hired) up on their roof this morning cleaning their roof with a water pressure cleaner. You’ve seen how powerful a pressure cleaner is, right? We use them here a lot, on the houses, the roofs, the boats. Very powerful!

Not powerful enough, apparently, for my neighbors. Because not only did my neighbors stupidly take the actual pressure cleaner itself up on the roof (hello! you leave that part down on the ground and lead the water hose connected to it up on the roof!), overkill enough, but they are also using BLEACH! They are spraying bleach on the roof tiles, while the other guy sprays water over the area – making everything airborne!

I unfortunately had an appointment this morning and had to run from my front door to my car and still got a head full of bleach-filled air. And nothing triggers my chemical sensitivity worse than bleach.

These particular neighbors are clearly very pro-bleach. The wife decided one day to spray bleach on some dirty spot on the outside of their house, holding the spray bottle above her head and spraying upward. She found out some time later (much later than when I had to run into my own house!) that “what goes up must come down” includes bleach.

I guess they haven’t learned and I can’t go out in the yard today. But I can’t wait to see the paint on their cars later today!