That Great Puppy Smell

MCS Awareness has been on a hiatus. Actually, my chemical reactions have not been as bad, due to the lower humidity, which gives me a brief respite from headaches, crankiness and literary grousing. I hope you’re all enjoying a less reactive new year!

So, you think I’m writing now to grouse? Na! I’ve also been consumed of late with a new puppy. Anyone who’s recently had a puppy knows what I’m talking about. They take up A LOT of your time! I’m writing to show pictures of my new kid!Ripley's First Day Home

My significant other and I walked into Petco to get our spoiled cats their favorite (favorite = expensive) cat food and walked out an hour and a half later with an adopted puppy.

She is a Beagle mix, likely with Jack Russell which gives her the annoying designer dog/celebrity name conjoining moniker of Jack-A-bee. But our little mutt is just Ripley and only one person has guessed the accurate benefactor of her name – Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley from Alien… believe it or not.

What are the odds that a person with so many “allergies” as people still call it, would adopt a dog, out of all the dogs we’ve seen on display from the Humane Society, with allergies. Within the first month she either tried to eat a bee or it just stung her and we made a night time trip to the emergency animal clinic for a shot of Benadryl when her entire snout and face began swelling up like a blowfish. She has sensitivity to some kinds of grass, as her pink belly breaks out when she rolls in it.

To me the most ironic thing about Ripley, being part Beagle, is her incredible sense of smell. Not only can she smell a single dead snail on the other side of the yard (and then disgustingly gobble it down and send us to the vet again!), her nose comes up in the air as we approach our house from our walks, sniffing out the artificial air fresheners from our next door neighbor’s house that permeates the outside air every time they open their front door. So my dog and I have incredibly sensitive olfactory systems.

Among the oohs and aahs from friends and family about our adorable little addition was this “I don’t get your allergy problem” comment: “Aren’t you going to have a problem with the puppy smell?” No, I’m not. We got the new designer breed that is all natural, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives. We checked the label. Just that great puppy smell!

Ripley at 6 months old

Ripley at 6 months old